“Thank you for sending the edits. I have been reviewing the chapters and have a deep appreciation for your insight, word choices, and punctuation. Thanks to your work, each chapter is stronger and has a smooth word flow.”
— Educational consultant

“Excellent work. You are amazing! Thank you for making my business summary look so good and fit it onto one page. I am pleased with the service and will call on you again with future documents.”
—Owner, specialty-pharmaceutical company

“Thank you, Paula. I have marked a hard copy of our original with all of your changes. By doing that on our original, I can see where capitals were or were not used and the same with periods. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was most interested in the placement of capitals and periods. Of course, I will also keep for many years to come both the pdf and Word versions you sent. And thank you for such a speedy turnaround!”
—Alaska educator

“Your eagle eyes are amazing!”
—Big Four partner

“I certainly realize that (a) my English is not good enough for business and (b) you are the person who can help me when I need it. In my most recent assignment sent to you, I was amazed to have barely sent it along and within 10 minutes the work was done! Please know that I appreciate this.”
—President and CEO, non-US, overseas computer security firm

“Thanks so much. You are a miracle worker. I sent this file to you last night just before going to bed, and this morning, the first thing in my in-box was the edited presentation. Paula, you ARE wonderful.”
—Interview coach

“Paula, you have done an amazing job! We are more than pleased. It’s 5 a.m. where you are in New York!! Do you ever sleep? ”
—Independent contractor

“Thank you for your continued support and service. You are wonderful!”
—Head of marketing  

“Thanks ever so much for handling this manuscript during the Thanksgiving holiday. You are very kind.”
—Professor of politics and international affairs

“Thanks so much for this rush job. You are amazing!”
—Marketing consultant

 “When I receive edited files back from you, it gives me such a good feeling because I know no one can find fault with them. Perhaps with the content, but not with the editing and presentation.”
—Career coach

“Thanks for all your hard work on this project. I am constantly amazed at how you are able to turn out a consistent, quality work product even when demands are high and hours are long.”
—Marketing associate

“Thank you for getting everything done at such short notice. The newsletter looks really great and the publications too. This is something I want to keep doing, but next time more notice!”
—Big Four managing director

“I’m so pleased with your attention to detail (which you will have noted is not my strength!). Incorporating your work has now turned my own into a much more substantial document. I’m wondering if you would be willing to have a second and final review of it once I complete the revision.”
Graduate student thesis writer

“You are officially my hero. I want to buy you a red cape!”
Director of thought leadership

“You are wonderful! Some really important and difficult cases are in the works, and the files will eventually wend their way to you. We really value the care you always lavish, and I think others do too.”
—Professor of politics and director of public policy center

 “I’ve sincerely appreciated your editorial assistance and guidance immensely. You’ve been an invaluable asset and worth every cent.”
—Instructional lead teacher

 “Thank you for providing the revised versions of the files. I am very pleased with the results.”
Software development manager

“It’s always a pleasure working with you.”
—Head of marketing

 “I appreciate the context and explanation you provided with your edits. I learn a little something new each time.”
Managing director

“Thanks so much for a very thorough review. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
—Senior sales and marketing manager

“Your edits look terrific. I am very pleased. I am so impressed by your work that I have of course accepted all of the tracked changes. Again, I appreciate the fine job that you have done with my story.”

“It is always a great pleasure using your fantastic service.”
—Computer software company president/CEO

“Thanks so much. When I see your work, it always comes back to: why can’t I write like this? Thanks again.”
—Career coach

“You surpassed my expectations! Thank you for being so responsive. And thank you for being spectacular with timing.”
—Marketing director

“Thanks very much for your speedy and thorough effort.”
—Vice president, communications

“You have no idea how much I enjoy seeing how you take my WORDS and twist them around to come up with such better ways of expressing my IDEAS. You are very talented.”
—Career coach

“Thank you for handling this last-minute request to edit a file. You’re always such a tremendous help!”
—Account executive

“Thank you very much, Paula. You do have a smooth way with words.”
—Supply chain management executive

“Please stop inserting notes to us that explain or justify your editorial changes. We know your work.”
—Head of marketing

“Thank you for being so thorough in your editing of my blogs.”
—Human resources manager

“Thanks, Paula, for the edit. It is interesting that although I’m the one who writes these articles, once you edit them they become three dimensional and so much easier to read and understand. THIS is the power of your editing and your knowledge—and your experience. Thanks again.”
—Career coach

“I really appreciate your quick turnaround. I was able to submit the final document to the client slightly ahead of schedule because of your promptness.”
—Account executive

“Thank you so-o-o-o much for your help with my résumé. I love what you’ve done! So far, I’m only in the application process with one school, and I’m not sure whether there’ll be an essay or not for the application, but if so, I will send it your way! Anyway, I really appreciate the help and how quickly you sent it all back!”
—Graduate school applicant

“Thank you for your terrific work on this project, and I hope we’ll have something new for you soon.”
—Marketing and sales senior manager

“Thanks, Paula, for reviewing my documents. I know you are the best!”
—Commercial development chemist

“Thank you for the friendship that you offered waaaaaaaay back in the day when I was a timid little proofreader from —— and you were Paula, Queen of the Land! I always tell people that you taught me everything I know.”

“Thanks for the superb job you did. As always, you spotted all the flaws.”
—Company chairman

“You make tons of great edits. Thank you so much for those careful edits and the quick turnaround on this project. Thanks again and again. I am most appreciative of your excellent and careful editing work. We should be able to make the printer deadline, thanks entirely to you.”
—Senior project manager

“I tried to transfer all my files to my business e-mail address, but I inadvertently deleted your edit, which I should have saved. Can you please send me a copy again, because it was brilliant.”
—Retail manager

“I have to share with you something funny. Last week I was at a meeting and using your company pen while taking notes because I like it and it is good advertising for you. All of a sudden, I see that the guy sitting next to me took my pen. In my mind I’m saying, Why did he take my pen??? The funny part was that he had not taken my pen. He too uses your pen. We had a good laugh over this with everybody in the meeting. So now everybody knows about you and your editorial service.”
—Career coach

“I had been struggling with my résumé and turned to EditAmerica for help. My hero! Got perfect results from the editorial ideal, a paragon, the ne plus ultra, a nonpareil, crème de la crème, the last word.”
—Graphic designer

“You did a Paula Perfect job, as usual.”
—Project manager

“For many years I have been using Paula Plantier of EditAmerica. Her work is exemplary and prompt, and her prices are more than fair. I have no reason to even think about someone else. Because of my very high level of satisfaction with her work for many years, I have recommended her to many others, and every single person thanked me profusely and shared with me also their high level of satisfaction.”
—Career coach’s recommendation to others

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The résumé looks great, and I appreciate all that you did to improve it. The changes you made really make a difference.”
Résumé review client

“Thanks again for your great work on our cases. I’m impressed with your deep knowledge of grammar, punctuation, etc. I know that’s your job, but still . . . Plus, you make really good catches, which we appreciate.”
—Associate director, nonprofit organization

“I don’t know how many of your customers/clients tell you that you are wonderful, but here is one from me. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!”
—Career coach

 “I have gone through about two-thirds of your notes and really appreciate your work! It’s amazing how punctuation can make such a difference in determining meaning and ease of reading. Likewise, some of your suggestions for ways to present certain words in dialogue—or even for restructuring sentences in the narrative—were spot-on. Many thanks!”

“Most people don’t understand what the nature of your job is, how detailed it is, etc. But when people see your work, the value is so clear. Thank you for all of your time, skill, and attention to our project. We appreciate you so much.”
—Senior research fellow at Big Four auditor

“Thank you very much. Your help is invaluable. Every time I read what you do with my original, it amazes me. A few changes make the whole logic and reading so much smoother flowing and easy to read.”
—Career coach

“Paula reviewed my résumé, and as a consequence of our interaction, I unreservedly recommend to anyone the quality of her work and her talent as a knowledgeable and insightful editor. Given her background, my expectations were high but that did not prepare me for the great insights she provided, nor for her great eye for detail, mastery with the written word, or diplomatic way of suggesting ways to tweak a phrase here or substitute another word there. Working with Paula was a joy.”
—Employment recruiter

“I recommend Paula for the great editorial work she has done for me several times for different types of articles for publication. I keep going back to her because of this. Thank you, Paula.”
—Physician, internal medicine

“Paula’s talents will fit your editorial needs. She is client focused, responsive, creative, diligent, fast, highly competent, and knowledgeable. She spotted many inconsistencies in my work, and her suggestions made great sense. She always met deadlines and continued to surprise me positively. She also has extremely fair pricing, and communication was easy despite our being on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Paula is simply a fantastic editor, and I thank her for her great support of this author.”
European financial services book author

“Thanks so much for the prompt editing. Your style fascinates me. I’ve told you this before. It is so clear and easy to read. I think that what I write is mostly logical, but I can’t express it well and it doesn’t always come out right. When I read your version, I’m always left wondering why I can’t write this way.”
—Career coach

“Yes, we know the document requires work, which is why I wanted to make sure it went to you. I’m so glad you’re on the job. Thanks.”
—Director at Big Four auditor

“How many times can I say you are wonderful? I already sound like a broken record. Thank you. I like the new versions a lot.”
—Career coach

 “Paula did an excellent job in editing my résumé so that I would have a better chance to land a new accounting job. I highly recommend Paula’s editorial services to your company.”
—Professional accountant

“I have known Paula and used her editorial services consistently for a number of years. While I know there are other choices, I keep coming back to her because not only does she perform excellently, but also she’s very prompt and customer focused. I’ve used other editors in the past, and all of them were inferior to Paula’s editorial talent. I both commend and recommend her.”
—Career coach