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Paula Plantier

The pen is mightier than the sword.

We all know the saying, and certainly, throughout history, it has been actions that have made changes in the world,
but the words pertaining to them made the significant difference.

Every day we read words written by many people, be they comic stories, news stories, in books, in letters, and so on. Words affect us and our behavior more than we think. And we’re judged by the words we ourselves speak and write every day. From a single text message to a business letter or a graduate school thesis, we get evaluated by the words we write.

That’s the power of written text.

In today’s continuously changing world, strict evaluation of the words we use will not change. And we always have to write something, so how can we make sure that what we’ve written makes a positive impact on readers? How can we make sure that the words we want to convey do not get misunderstood? How can we make sure that whatever we write does not get criticized negatively?

The answer is simple: We make sure that our writing has perfect editorial integrity.
Unfortunately, everything we write is likely to contain:

  • Misspellings
  • Grammatical gaffes
  • Silly syntax
  • Foggy wordings
  • Wrong punctuation
  • Errors of fact

Those might seem like small missteps, but they can make our writing an ugly sight for literate eyes.

This is where the services of EditAmerica come to the rescue!

EditAmerica has 30 years of copy-editing and proofreading experience by virtue of having reviewed more than half a million pages of written material, which the firm has edited, corrected, proofed, and styled into editorially perfect material for reading.

What do you get from EditAmerica?

Everyone checks for mistakes once they’re finished writing. But it’s rare that they find all of their mistakes. That’s why, as a third-party inspector, EditAmerica will do a keen inspection of your copy.

You get the benefits of:

  • Perfect grammar
  • Intellectually sound context
  • Zero spelling mistakes
  • Zero punctuation errors
  • Eloquent text
  • Customer support

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of editorial benefits EditAmerica offers, because finding an error in written content can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. And whether it’s only that haystack or the hay in the whole barn, EditAmerica will find that needle. After all, 30 years of experience gives the firm the advantage not many other editorial services have.

Why you should work with EditAmerica?

Your job is to write the best content you can. EditAmerica’s job is to polish the material until it’s bright and shiny for your audience. EditAmerica does not simply view the document and fix a few things here and there. EditAmerica checks every character, every symbol, every word, and every fact in the copy.

Improving a writer’s phrasing, word choices, sentence structure, punctuation, and hundreds of other details turns a writer’s work from better into best. Only with EditAmerica do you get copy that has been improved in its clarity, style, conciseness, and flow.

But here’s the beauty part. EditAmerica is familiar with the styles and publishing standards of every area of publishing—in the forms of:

  • Academic treatises in every academic subject area
  • Advertising for every industry
  • Business, finance, and promotional marketing material
  • Company financial and annual reports
  • Medical and pharmaceutical communications
  • Scientific and technical documents

What does EditAmerica guarantee?

  • EditAmerica guarantees that writers will profit from the firm’s extensive amount of knowledge.
  • EditAmerica guarantees timely deliveries because the firm has given respected, trusted, and on-time professional service for decades.
  • EditAmerica guarantees your decision with regard to the fee calculation of your choice—either hourly, by the page, or by way of a contract amount. You choose.
  • EditAmerica guarantees polylingual service by its ability to edit and proof in English, French, and Spanish.
  • EditAmerica guarantees NO FEE if you don’t agree you’ve experienced the best edit ever.

What are you waiting for?

Hire EditAmerica for your copy editing TODAY, and delight in the results you’ll see.


If the pen is mightier than the sword, then words leave the deepest mark.